How to Respond to Facebook Rants and Win Hearts (An Example from Bodyform)

Though many companies already have social media pages for their brands on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Google+, there are many who are wary of these platforms since they no longer control the message. Social media has given consumers megaphones to shout back at companies and brands, instead of being shouted at. If utilized in the right way, social media can make your consumers feel more connected to your brand since they are now a part of the conversation. Social media can also give your company some humanity and personality, while also spreading brand awareness.

Take Bodyform for example. I’ve never heard of them before. Are they shapewear? Underwear? What exactly? Thanks to a man’s tongue-in-check Facebook rant on Bodyform’s Facebook page, and to Bodyform’s own witty response to said rant, many more people in the blogosphere and social sphere are now aware of both these players. Myself included.

The man in question, a Richard Neill, took to Bodyform’s Facebook page to take the company (which supplies feminine sanitary napkins) to task for their “misleading advertising” that portrayed women as having the time of their life during that time of the month, participating in “bike riding, rollercoasters, dancing, parachuting…” while riding on “blue water and wings.”  Below is one of Bodyform’s adverts.


In response, Bodyform issued their own video, with their fake CEO apologizing for lying. Check out their awesome video.


Kudos to Bodyform for being able to poke fun at itself! I think that’s the way to win hearts on social media: to not take yourself too seriously and join in on the fun! Being defensive would have backfired. Instead, Bodyform took it all in stride and responded to a humorous post with a humorous response. This is a great example of good social media marketing: not denying or getting defensive, but acknowledging comments and taking them in stride to show that your brand listens (and can have fun about it).

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