Bravo’s Silicon Valley Reality Show Looks…

…like every other reality show that revolves around people partying and getting drunk. Same shenanigans, different context. In this case, it’s within the world of startups.

I don’t really know where all this interest in Silicon Valley started. Is it because of the so-called tech bubble? Is it because of all the hype and subsequent let-down of Facebook’s IPO? Is it the allure of potentially becoming a multi-millionaire for an idea that you and your buddies dreamt up in your garage?

I feel like I’ve read a lot of articles recently, trying to add a more sexy, attractive appeal to Silicon Valley (because shipping out new features in your cloud infrastructure platform may not be considered sexy by others outside the Valley).  There was an article in the Style section of The New York Times about Jesse Draper’s internet talk show, The Valley Girl Show. In the same section a few weeks back, there was also an article and slideshow about Silicon Valley’s most eligible bachelors.

So, obviously there is an interest in the people behind the companies in the Valley. And Bravo is capitalizing on this interest in their new reality show. From the short preview I’ve seen, the show doesn’t seem like anything new as far as reality shows go. I would be more interested in seeing a Top Chef or Project Runway-type reality show where techstar wannabes compete for a chance to get their project funded. Yes, there are already startup accelerator programs that do this (Y Combinator, for example). So why wasn’t that idea pitched and given the greenlight? Who knows. But in the meantime you can check out a preview for Bravo’s show in this article from Gizmodo.

Image courtesy of Bravo TV


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