Style Techie on Hiatus – Maybe?

One of my New Year’s Resolutions for this blog was to post at least a few times a month. Like most resolutions, I wasn’t very good about keeping it… …and now I may be putting Style Techie on hiatus. Why? I love sharing my thoughts about style, tech, social media, etc. on this blog but … Continue reading


Why Smart Brands Are Becoming Publishers

Creating good content is like trying to feed a continually hungry beast who’s never satisfied. It seems like once you think you’re finished, it starts up all over again. You have to keep feeding the beast with new, original, and quality pieces. In spite of this, many brands have decided to take on the content … Continue reading

Free Keyword Research Tools: Google Adwords vs SEMrush

Keywords should form the basis of your search and social marketing campaigns. “Keywords” doesn’t mean industry jargon. Keywords are the words your users and customers are using in search engines, social networks, review sites, etc. to find more information about a topic they’re interested in. Aiming to reach a customer looking for a new car? … Continue reading

On-Demand Subscription Services to Curate Your Lifestyle

On-Demand Subscription Services to Curate Your Lifestyle

Subscription services are nothing new. Magazines and newspapers pioneered the subscription service model and other businesses have also used this pricing structure, from fitness clubs to cable companies to internet providers. Increasingly, software providers have adopted or built their business around delivering their products on a subscription (or “on demand”) model (see: Adobe Creative Cloud). … Continue reading

Native Advertising is NOT a New Concept

Native Advertising is NOT a New Concept

Social media was and is still seen as a trend in online marketing. Now the shiny new toy is “native advertising,” also referred to as “branded content” or “content marketing.” It’s the latest, buzziest new thing. But how new of a concept is “native advertising’? The answer: not very. What is Native Advertising? According to … Continue reading

Free Twitter Tools to Measure Reach and Engagement

Twitter is one of the most powerful social media networks available today. Rather than being seen as a platform to update your friends about what you had for breakfast–as it was seen during its early days–Twitter today is a powerful channel for communication and information. It can also be a channel for misinformation, a consequence … Continue reading

Style Techie Spotlight: Levo League

There’s no guidebook to navigating your professional life. Especially in recessionary times, your first instinct may be to catch hold of whatever job you can get. But once you get in the workplace, how do you progress, build your skills, find a mentor? As a woman, how do you balance the personal and the professional? … Continue reading

The Demographics of Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr. Most of these social networks were only in its infancy or didn’t even exist yet 10 years ago. Now millions and millions of people log onto these social networks at least once a day. Many companies have come to realize the advertising and marketing potential of these social networks and … Continue reading